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Furbelow Farm Quails

Farm Open
By appointment ONLY!
Please call first!

We are selling all farm animals

Furbelow Farms          Elijah Marks                  96 Oak Hill Road      Cumberland VA  23040 804-396-5525 - mobile    

Pigs for sale

FINE Australian Cashmere goats


Alpacas Virginia alpaca cria for sale Suri Alpaca Pekin Ducks Kune Kune Boar Lionhead babby bunny rabbit
cashmere goat
Americana rooster
alpaca cria

Virginia Quail Chicken Pig Farm

Quail hens $9

We have lots of mini pigs for sale!

alpaca felted goat milk soapWe are centrally located in Cumberland, Virginia.  Our Virginia Farm is ready for spring, with lots of freshly hatched birds for sale  Be sure to check out the piglets, quail chicks & chicken chicks.  We have Kune Kune piglets for sale!

We have goats for sale, and only one Goat kid for sale now

Furbelow Farms is selling quails, quail eggs, hatching quail eggs.

We offer Quail Eggs Now. Great for eating or hatching.  The hatching eggs  are great for school projects, we will even take the hatchlings back if you do not want to keep them.

We have: cashmere goats for sale, Chickens for sale, & Quail for sale

Browse our Web site for more information about Furbelow Farms. We produce and sell the freshest eggs available.  Hatching eggs are sold and shipped within 48 hours of being laid. Hatching eggs for sale can be found on the eggs for sale page.

 If you have any questions call 804-396-5525 or email

Furbelow Farms  is centrally located in Cumberland Virginia, about 15 miles north of Farmville, VA.  We are about 50 miles west of Richmond Virginia, about 35 miles south of Charlottesville,  about 90 miles South West of Fredericksburg, about 100 miles from Northern Virginia, and about 100 miles from Washington D.C.   We are in Cumberland VA not near the 35 mile drive.  Cumberland VA - now the 50 mile drive.

goat kid
baby alpaca
kissing piggies
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NO MORE ALPACAS FOR SALE - ONLY ALPACA FIBER - All prices are subject to change without cause or notice.  All livestock listed for sale may be withdrawn at any time for any reason, at which point it will no longer be for sale.  All animals listed for sale are subject to prior sale.  Prices are subject to change since the prices on the website are not updated on a daily basis And Spot prices at Furbelow Farms may change daily or several times a day depending on the market.  DONT USE Paypal TO PAY US to buy farm products.  Custom made products cannot be returned for credit.

We reserve the right to retain any animal born to another animal we own for our breeding program!

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