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We have several different breeds of Goats on hand.  We do some cross breeding between them, we just love the way they look.  And if you can overlook just how darn cute they are...it makes for a much tastier goat as well. 

Spanish Goat

Spanish Goat “Lolita”- She is the only Spanish Goat we have.  We are not sure if she is bred to Gus or Popeye!  Can’t wait to see, she looks to be due in the next month!  This will be her 1st kid!

new-pics 295

Boer Goats - This is Gus, our male Boer Goat.  We only have 2 100% Boer Goats at this moment.  Gus and Sugar.


Cashmere Goats - Above is Moose, he fathered most of our goats on the farm.  We had to bring in some new blood since he moved to Indiana in 2011.


Angora Goat - This is “Chanel”, one of two female Angora Goats we have.  Chanel had a beautiful boy in January, named Murray.

Check out our luxurious Alpaca Felted Goats Milk Soap.  All Soaps are felted with alpaca fiber, you simply get in the shower, lather and its like having your own washcloth permanently around the soap!


Murray, fathered by Moose.


Coco, our other Angora, due to have a kid in April ‘12

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We reserve the right to retain any animal born to another animal we own for our breeding program!

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