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Lionhead Rabbits

The LIONHEAD RABBIT tends to be very friendly, enjoying human contact. They are easy to handle and if brought into the home at a young age they become very used to human contact and will make excellent pets.

They are healthy overall as a breed and most are easy keepers.  It is generally believed that the Lionhead rabbit originated in Belgium as a result of the crossbreeding of the Swiss Fox and a Belgian Dwarf. Then crosses to a smaller wool type breed were made. Later the breed was imported to England where continued crossbreeding of small breed rabbits and wool breeds was done.
However, another opinion is that the Lionhead breed did not originate in Belgium. It is thought by some that when European breeders were working on the Dwarf Angora the Lionhead mutation occurred in a litter of bunnies and was accidentally spread throughout the Dwarf Angora Breed. Whichever actually happened, the first Lionhead rabbits were imported to the US in 1999.

Lionhead rabbits get their name from the mane they grow that looks very similar to the mane of a lion. I assure you, the similarity stops there.

Angel Lionhead Rabbit Angel - Female Lionhead - Had 2 bunnies on February 12.

Titan Lionhead Rabbit Titan - Male Lionhead

Carmel Lionhead Rabbit
Snowball- (white in back) Female Lionhead with some of her bunnies - Litter due March 16th

Carmels Lionhead Bunny 5 week old Lionhead Bunny

Angel & Snowball are the mom’s to most of our lionhead bunnies.  Titan is the dad.  Most of the bunnies come out looking like one or the other.   Our next liter will be ready to go to new homes in March.

All Lionhead Bunnies are $25 each.

Lionhead bunny
Bunnies 067
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