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Pigs are wonderful creatures that are lots of fun to watch.  Pigs come in all shapes and sizes.  Pigs are smart and very intelligent.  Furbelow Farms has 3 breeds of pigs: Red Wattle pigs, Kune Kune pigs, and Juliani pigs, pictured below.  We have 3/4 Kune Kune 1/4 English Mini piglets for sale they can be found on the  KuneKune piglets for sale page.


Piglets For Sale


Kune Kune pigs are another fine breed of Pig that we enjoy raising.  This is Buster, our full kune kune boar, when he was a couple months old.  Buster has grown a little, and is today even still, a small very dense pig, his shape almost resembles a cinder block, and he weighs as much as a cinder block.  Kune Kune pigs make excellent pets and can be kept indoors or outdoors.  Generally pigs are smarter than dogs especially when it comes to food.  Pigs can and will find food, no matter where it is.  Buster, pictured above, learned at a very early age how to open a coffee can to get grain from inside it.

Pigs are an excellent source of meat.  Pork as it is known is generally thought of as a high fat type of meat.  We have selected to breed and raise the heritage breed known of as the Red Wattle or Red Waddle pig.  Red Wattles have fleshy sausage looking parts hanging from their cheeks.  See image above and find the wattle.  This pig produces very lean meat and is a lean pig.  Red wattles have an excellent cut to their bodies and are muscular and strong and carry very little fat.  Red Wattle piglets for sale will be available sometime in the spring of 2014. We have 5 month old red wattle girls for sale NOW, February 23, 2014

Our Red Wattle females are for sale and ready to breed in the late spring.

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We reserve the right to retain any animal born to another animal we own for our breeding program!

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