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Kune Kune PIGLETS for sale

These piglets are all 3/4 Kune Kune.  Their dad, Buster, is 100% Kune, and their mom’s are 1/2 Kune & 1/2 English Mini

Buster (Kune Kune Boar - father of piglets listed below, HI-5 (mom on younger piglets listed below) & all piglets are in Cumberland

Jesse’s Piggies - All born on 10/17/2011

tookie sold
“Tookie” - Female - No Wattles  $600 - We think she looks like a chocolate chip cookie and my 4 year old pronounces it as “tookie”.  She loves to eat out of your hand and is not shy at all!
“Bacon” - Male - SOLD! - His first day at his new home, he got over on some goats and “put away” the food those silly goats didn’t eat.  He went home with Ham, Thanks Tracy and Chuck!
lulu sold
“LuLu” - Female - Wattles - $700 - What a precious face!  She has all the wonderful characteristics of a full Kune Kune.  She is very hairy and has 2 wattles and a cute snub nose!
“Ham” - Male - SOLD - What a very happy boy he is now that he went home with Bacon, Tracey and Chuck.  They won’t be used to make Ham and Bacon!
“Scar” - Male - Wattles - $600 - Scar has left his siblings and moved in with the red wattle boars and has made friends with a 600LB+ red wattle boar (which is NOT his daddy)
“Two-Face” - Male - Wattles - $500 - I just love this little guys face.  One side is black and the other white.  Made me think of “Two-Face” in the movie Batman.

Hi-Five’s Piggies - All born on 10/23/2011

“Pudgy” - Female - No Wattles - $700 - This little girl is so cute and pudgy, hence her name.  She has a lot of that wonderful ginger color on her head and back.
“Cricket” - Female - Wattles - $700 - A deposit has been received for Cricket...pending sold! 2/11/12
“Oreo” - Male - Wattles - $500 - This BOY has some really pretty coloring and you talk about spots!  He is very dark color and tons of spots everywhere!
Female Kune
Who am I? “Pinky?”, “Trixie”?  You decide - I am a girl! - $500
meatloaf sold
Meatloaf - Male - No Wattles - $300
“Stewie” - Male - No Wattles - $300 - Stewie is smiling for the camera.
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We reserve the right to retain any animal born to another animal we own for our breeding program!

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