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Alpaca Felted Goats Milk Soap

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YES!  You are reading this correctly...Alpaca Felted Goats Milk Soap!!  It is as Fabulous as it sounds!  Enjoy your next shower and every shower with this luxurious soap that is wrapped with alpaca fiber!  Just get the soap wet, lather and wash!  All of my soaps are 100% REAL goats milk soap.  I get the soaps from a fabulous lady located here in Virginia.  All of her soaps are made right there on the farm with fresh-squeezed goat milk. No other animal byproducts, artificial colors, preservatives or prepackaged bases are used.  By far, the best soap I have ever used in my life! 

All of the soaps are about 4 oz.  Each soap sells for $10.  This includes them arriving in a wonderful custom made soap box. 

If you would like some felted soap to purchase for wholesale, they are $7 each, with a minimum of 20 bars ordered.  These do not include the box, only a label.  Boxes for wholesale orders are $1 extra each. Please email me for wholesale orders to elijahmarks@gmail.com

Aloe Vera
 We can trace the use of aloe all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra regarded aloe vera as her own special beauty secret! We all know that aloe vera has wonderful soothing properties. This soap is unscented for those who have sensitive skin, with just a hint of cooling aloe.


 Our Buttermilk soap is our number one seller. It outsells all our other soaps combined. What makes this soap so popular is the buttermilk. We take our goat milk, turn it into buttermilk, and then make our soap. The enzymes in the buttermilk make this an incredibly gentle soap. This is the soap we use on our son, Joshua, who suffers with eczema. If you suffer with skin conditions or allergies this soap has been made just for you. This soap is unscented.
Ingredients: goat buttermilk, vegetable, coconut, & olive oils, sodium hydroxide

Sandalwood Vanilla
This fragrance has been asked for so often that we finally just had to make the soap. This fragrance carefully blends sandalwood, vanilla, oak, moss, and a crisp linen fragrance to achieve a low-keyed fragrance that we think most men will be comfortable using. While this fragrance was originally intended for men we find women love to use this soap for themselves.


is one of our more popular scents and reminds one of times past. Lavender is soothing to one's senses with a beautiful fresh spring scent. Lavender is also considered antiseptic to your skin, it has even been recommended for people with oily skin or those with acne

Vanilla Cream
 Back by popular demand! Vanilla has long been associated with the sense that all is right with the world. Think back to Grandma's kitchen and how truly wonderful everything smelled.


Oatmeal Complexion Bar
While this soap is unscented the oatmeal gives it a simple, yet natural scent. Our oatmeal complexion bar will absorb excess oil while gently exfoliating your skin. Throughout the ages, mothers have used oatmeal to bring relief to their children suffering from chicken pox. One of our own discovered another wonderful use for this soap - poison ivy!

Cucumber Melon
 A perfect blend of melons and cucumber make this soap one of our most popular scents to date. Every time you step into the shower or bath you will be reminded of summer.

Coconut Lime Verbena
Here is a soap that we think you will love. An incredibly balanced combination of coconut and limes.


Honey Almond
 Taken straight from nature, these two fragrances blend together to create a comforting yet satisfying aroma.


New Soap available!

Just For Baby
This soap has been made specifically for those who have little ones and want to have that fresh baby scent to bathe them in.  We think that you will love this fragrance even if you don't have babies anymore.
Ingredients: goat milk, vegetable, coconut, & olive oils, fragrance oil

SoapSaver_thumbSoap Saver -  will save your soap from melting away by allowing air to circulate around the entire bar. When the soap is able to dry completely, you get to enjoy your soap twice as long! A must for every shower, bath, and sink in your home -  $2.00 each

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